Midwifery Group Practices

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Midwifery Group Practices | For Women

About Midwifery Group Practices

Sometimes known as ‘Caseload Midwifery’, Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) is the work unit of caseload midwives enabling women to be cared for by the same midwife (primary midwife) supported by a small group of midwives throughout their pregnancy, during childbirth and in the early weeks at home with a new baby. Midwifery care focuses on women’s individual needs or ‘woman-centred care‘.

Where situations arise that indicate a need for medical involvement, midwives work collaboratively with medical colleagues to coordinate the best care for mother and baby. The private midwife will continue to provide care regardless of the need for medical involvement.

Midwives may work in public hospital MGP’s, or those from other sectors including private practice and in Aboriginal medical services.

Some MGP’s in certain states also provide public-funded homebirth programs. There are criteria around this involving your general health, obstetric history and your current address. Discuss this option with your midwife at the first visit if you are interested.