Medicare Bulk Billing
Medicare Bulk Billing

Medicare | For Midwives

From 1 November 2010 women have been able to claim Medicare (and private health) rebates for accessing services from private practice midwives.

Midwives have more significant opportunities to work in a self-employed capacity as a sole trader or in small groups of midwives in a private MGP model.

Midwives Australia has a long-held goal of assisting private practice midwives in establishing a practice. It suits the way they choose to work in developing relationships with other practitioners for consulting and referring clients, and support midwives who are working in a continuity of care model.

We understand that private practice and continuity of care models are emerging frameworks of care in Australia and that midwives who work this way are valuable resources in the workforce. We support you in that work and strive to provide you with every service that you might need in one central location.